#MissMakesCode #CyberSecurity #GirlGeekGames

No, these are not Twitter hashtags but are STEM disciplines [Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics] programs offered to girls between the ages of 5-17 by social enterprise Girl Geek Academy in Australia and the US. While the 5-8-year-olds immerse themselves in programming and coding in the #MissMakesCode workshop the 9-13-year-olds […]


Surveys of 10,000 parents in the US found that there are 3 main parenting approaches to technology: — Limiters – parents who focus on minimising access to technology Enablers – parents who don’t restrict access at all Mentors – parents who actively guide their children in the use of technology […]

MOMO: The Deadly Online Challenge

In August 2018 Family Insights published an article, The MOMO Game: Understanding the Risks The MOMO challenge is considered a form of cyberbullying that spreads through social media services such as WhatsApp, and mobile phones. The users are contacted by an online predator with an unknown phone number and an […]

App Review – Tellonym

Remember Yik Yak and Sarahah the anonymous messaging services that were shut down following controversy around abuse and bullying by teens using them? In 2016 Tellonym was launched with 13 million global users who can ask and answer questions about each other, anonymously. Sound familiar? While the intention of the creators was […]