Paper vs Digital Reading

The National Literacy Trust [UK] surveyed 56,900 children and young people in 2019 aged between 9-18 into how they use technology to read and how this is linked to their reading enjoyment, reading behaviours and reading attitudes. They found: While print remains the dominant reading format for most children and […]

Is it ever safe to ‘sext’?

The short answer is probably, no. But it’s more complex than that. Sharing intimate images consensually isn’t a new phenomenon, in fact, the term ‘sexting’ was first used by the media a decade ago to describe the sharing of nude and nearly nude images using text messages and now video […]

The Hunting-SBS Drama

A new Australian drama, SBS’s “The Hunting,” is highlighting one of the big issues faced by young people, families and school communities today: the sharing of intimate images or videos without consent. This television series explores the lives of four teenagers, their teachers and families throughout the lead up, revelation […]

Is your child getting enough quality sleep?

Sleep research suggests that an adolescent needs between 9-10 sleep every night and school-age children need 10-11 hours to be physically, mentally and cognitively healthy. Regularly not getting enough sleep, poor sleep quality and irregular sleep patterns can lead to sleep deprivation which has very real implications for their physical […]

Don’t Feed the Trolls

The definition of online trolling has been evasive since it was identified in 2002 as a form of online abuse. This abuse includes a range of behaviours that are used by people to control, bully or frighten another person using social media, games or other forums. Over time the label […]

Tik Tok Safety Tips

Remember and The latest Real Short Videos free social media app for sharing user-generated music videos is TikTok where users can create and upload videos, remix others’ work, or browse content created by other users and by famous recording artists….from a smartphone. What’s different is that there’s a […]

Cyberbullying. More than Just Digital Dramas

Many of us are familiar with the concept of bullying in one way or another, yet we seem to lack a shared understanding of what exactly constitutes bullying behaviour, especially in the context of online bullying.  Bullying has always been a pervasive youth problem, but only recent generations have been […]

You’re tired, they’re wired?

The modern parent is often juggling work life with family life and never more so than at the end of the day when getting kids off screens and ready for bed is highly charged which leads to family conflict.  It’s tough responding reasonably to, ‘But I just need to finish […]

Digital Parenting Styles. Which one are you?

Parenting isn’t one size fits all. Different family dynamics call for different styles and approaches and there’s nothing wrong with that. Interestingly, however, parenting can be broken into four rough styles.  In 1967, psychologist Diana Baumrind conducted a study on more than 100 preschool-age children concluding that there are some […]

What children know about their data

While much has been written and researched about privacy in the digital age until now there has been little commentary about how children themselves understand privacy online, their data and specifically the commercial use of it. A definition of privacy by Alan Westin in the 1960s is still relevant today: […]