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  • Tik Tok Safety Tips

    Tik Tok Safety Tips

    Remember and The latest Real Short Videos free social media app for sharing user-generated music videos is TikTok ...
  • Review: Apex Legends

    Review: Apex Legends

    In February 2019 Apex Legends was launched and within a week had captured 25 million players with many of them ...
  • App Review - Tellonym

    App Review – Tellonym

    Remember Yik Yak and Sarahah the anonymous messaging services that were shut down following controversy around abuse and bullying by teens using ...

Digital Literacies

  • Managing the Family's Devices During Summer With An Agreement

    Managing the Family’s Devices Duri…

    Striking a balance between family time and screen time during the summer holidays can be a challenge for parents. Being ...
  • Empathy. Walking in the Shoes of Others

    Empathy. Walking in the Shoes of Others

    In the article, ‘How to Help Teenagers Develop Empathy’ the authors direct some pertinent questions to parents: Ever feel like your ...
  • Media Balance & Wellbeing

    Media Balance & Wellbeing

    Unlike ‘happiness’ which is often short-lived, our sense of wellbeing is a complex combination of social, personal and environmental factors. ...
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