How To Parent What Kids Watch on YouTube

For quite some time now, YouTube, which is owned by Google, has overtaken the activity of teens watching TV. So, instead of watching TV, we now see teens and kids just hanging out and watching whatever comes on and following their favourite Youtube channels or YouTube ‘stars’.  YouTube is a […]

The New World of Work. Are our students ready?

Are we preparing our students for our yesterday or their tomorrow? The question has been asked for generations in educational settings but seems to be a more apt question to be asking now. The challenge for schools and post-school institutions is that they are preparing students for courses and a […]

Sex Ed by Porn? It’s time we talked

It appears that pornography has become the most prominent sex educator for many young people and increasingly children. This raises considerable concern for parents who believe that pornography misrepresents reality ‘about bodies, sexual health, pleasure, consent, gender, power, aggression and performance.’ Exposure to pornography is more likely now because children […]

Is your child getting enough quality sleep?

Sleep research suggests that an adolescent needs between 9-10 sleep every night and school-age children need 10-11 hours to be physically, mentally and cognitively healthy. Regularly not getting enough sleep, poor sleep quality and irregular sleep patterns can lead to sleep deprivation which has very real implications for their physical […]

Stranger Danger Online A Risk For Children

Despite emerging research into the issue, grooming remains “difficult to identify and define”.  One definition that is generally agreed upon is that child grooming is the ‘befriending and establishing of an emotional connection with a child, and sometimes the family to gain their trust and to lower the child’s inhibitions […]

How is Cyberbullying Different From Mean Behaviour?

Many of us are familiar with the concept of bullying in one way or another, yet we seem to lack a shared understanding of what exactly constitutes bullying behaviour, especially in the context of online bullying.  Bullying has always been a pervasive youth problem, but only recent generations have been […]