What if my child is bullying others online?

Much has been written about bullying and cyberbullying specifically and yet while many of us are familiar with the concept of bullying, we seem to lack a shared understanding of what bullying behaviour ‘looks and feels’ like, especially in the context of online bullying.  Cyberbullying refers to the act of […]

First the Smartphone. Now Social Media. Help!

You’ve agonised over the right time to give your child a phone and taken the plunge. Following closely behind this comes the inevitable request to allow them to sign up for social media accounts, such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook before the minimum age of 13. For many parents, this […]

Good Posture Today or a Visit to the Physio Tomorrow?

According to the A2Z Health Group, ‘At least 70% of Australia’s school students use computers. As a result of this increased usage, Physiotherapists are treating more young patients suffering from the effects of working at computer stations that are either designed for adults or poorly designed for children. Many children […]

What are ‘Finstagram’ and ‘Rinstagram’?

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networking apps, with kids and teens globally. They love the way they can apply cool effects to their pictures or videos while creatively making their lives and selves look a little more awesome. And yet, it’s the instant feedback they receive […]

Impact of Advertising on Body Image

With advertising or commercial messaging touching most areas of a young person’s life, it brings with it notions about the value placed on beauty and appearance. That’s why it’s more important than ever that they understand exactly what is being suggested, sold and promised to them with the impact on […]

No-Mo-Phobia. Is Dopamine to Blame?

Dopamine: A chemical that functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain. The brain contains several distinct dopamine systems, one of which plays a major role in reward-motivated behaviour. [Rawhide.Org] ‘Smartphones are essentially the world’s smallest slot machine. It’s very neurologically addicting. When you get a hit – finding something or […]

Managing Mobile Phones As A Family

If you’re thinking about purchasing a smartphone for your child or they already own one, it’s important to think about how you’ll help them learn to use it responsibly. Modelling responsible mobile phone use is key. A Common Sense Media report, The New Normal: Parents, Teens, Screens, and Sleep [2019 […]

Take Action: Report Offensive Or Illegal Content

There is often confusion about what online content is reportable, but what is very clear is the type of content that may be considered ‘prohibited’ under Australian law [Broadcasting Services Act 1992].  According to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner violent, explicit or criminal content is classified as prohibited and […]

eSafety Office Guides to the Big Issues

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner has updated their tips and advice for parents and carers to help them understand the top online safety issues that their children may have to deal with. They are: Cyberbullying – Understand the risks and how to support your child if they are being […]

A safe start to social media

Developing digital intelligence starts early and parents have the influence and the authority when their children are young to help them develop the skills to navigate the digital world socially, emotionally and with common sense. Parents can model, reinforce and guide the development of the basic digital intelligence skills of […]