You’re tired, they’re wired?

The modern parent is often juggling work life with family life and never more so than at the end of the day when getting kids off screens and ready for bed is highly charged which leads to family conflict.  It’s tough responding reasonably to, ‘But I just need to finish […]

Digital Parenting Styles. Which one are you?

Parenting isn’t one size fits all. Different family dynamics call for different styles and approaches and there’s nothing wrong with that. Interestingly, however, parenting can be broken into four rough styles.  In 1967, psychologist Diana Baumrind conducted a study on more than 100 preschool-age children concluding that there are some […]

What children know about their data

While much has been written and researched about privacy in the digital age until now there has been little commentary about how children themselves understand privacy online, their data and specifically the commercial use of it. A definition of privacy by Alan Westin in the 1960s is still relevant today: […]

Sex Ed by Porn? It’s time we talked

It appears that pornography has become the most prominent sex educator for many young people and increasingly children. This raises considerable concern for parents who believe that pornography misrepresents reality ‘about bodies, sexual health, pleasure, consent, gender, power, aggression and performance.’ Exposure to pornography is more likely now because children […]

Are Siri & Alexa the new homework helpers?

Siri is no longer the only voice-assisted technology aiding us in our lives today. In fact, there are many more which you may already know of, but unsurprisingly children are finding new and innovative ways to incorporate them into their lives. Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant are the virtual assistants that […]

The New World of Work. Are our students ready?

Are we preparing our students for our yesterday or their tomorrow? The question has been asked for generations in educational settings but seems to be a more apt question to be asking now. The challenge for schools and post-school institutions is that they are preparing students for courses and a […]

Digital Self Harm

NetSafe, New Zealand’s independent, non-profit online safety organisation released an exploratory study report on 1 May 2019 which focused on digital self-harm (or self-cyberbullying) by NZ teens [aged 13-17].  Digital self-harm is broadly defined as the ‘anonymous online posting or sharing of mean or negative online content about oneself,’ and […]

Setting Boundaries with Digital Natives

With conflicting information about the best way for parents to mediate their children’s use of personal devices it is reassuring that experts are promoting regular conversations within the family about online safety as being as effective, if not more so than rules and parental controls.  Recent reports have found that […]

When is it OK to leave your child at home alone?

Schools holidays often bring with them the contentious dilemma for parents about deciding when it’s OK to leave their children home alone. In Australia, Queensland is the only state that specifies that a child must not be left alone if they are under the age of 12. The Federal law […]