Standing Up to Hate Speech

In recent times the media has drawn our attention to hate speech which was broadcast on a social media platform in Australia by a recognised and by some people, a celebrated person for his rugby skills. Such vitriol levelled against others based on their sexual identity, religion, gender, race or ethnicity […]

How To Parent What Kids Watch on YouTube

For quite some time now, YouTube, which is owned by Google, has overtaken the activity of teens watching TV. So, instead of watching TV, we now see teens and kids just hanging out and watching whatever comes on and following their favourite Youtube channels or YouTube ‘stars’.  YouTube is a […]

Has your child’s gaming habits crossed the line?

Do you understand the difference between an ‘unhealthy habit’ and an ‘addiction’? How would you know if your child has ‘crossed the line’ In 2017 the World Health Organisation [WHO] announced it was going to include gaming disorder brackets [GD] in the latest edition of the International Classification of Diseases. […]

Helping children cope after community violence

The Australian Psychological Society [APS] has published guidelines for parents, caregivers and teachers as they and the children and young people in their care deal with the aftermath of the shooting in Christchurch.  That fact that the footage of the shooting was available on news and social media platforms such […]

Is Your Child At Risk of Online Grooming?

Despite emerging research into the issue, grooming remains “difficult to identify and define”.  One definition that is generally agreed upon is that child grooming is the ‘befriending and establishing of an emotional connection with a child, and sometimes the family to gain their trust and to lower the child’s inhibitions […]

Managing Screen Time On Weekends — Part 1

When the bell rings on Friday afternoon parents are exhausted, so managing screen time on the weekends can become a struggle and a source of conflict in the family. To kids, weekends are just ‘mini holidays’, so why should device rules apply? The Australian Child Health Poll [2017] into managing […]

MOMO: The Deadly Online Challenge

In August 2018 Family Insights published an article, The MOMO Game: Understanding the Risks The MOMO challenge is considered a form of cyberbullying that spreads through social media services such as WhatsApp, and mobile phones. The users are contacted by an online predator with an unknown phone number and an […]