Family Insights: It’s Not A Trick, It’s A Treat

Parenting presents its fair share of challenges, but perhaps the toughest challenge of all is ensuring your child is safe — even when they’re out of sight.

The Family Insights App now incorporates GPS tracking services on enabled devices. This means you can view your child’s location on the virtual map and they can view yours using the Family Insights child-friendly dashboard.

Consider this new feature especially handy when you want to give your children room to grow, while also remaining safe.

Maybe Family Insights can be your way of keeping a peace of mind this Halloween?

The Benefits Of GPS Tracking

A worry we all have as our children grow older is finding the right balance between giving our children room to grow and overpowering them with our love.

It’s especially difficult when we ourselves remember the things we did at their age.

But even beyond this worry is a deep set fear of all the dangers that do exist out there; whether that’s the possibility of strangers intercepting our children, or our children meeting face-to-face with someone who they simply met online.

In all honesty, it is a scary world out there, but there are ways to make it less scary and safer. And that’s by being openly communicative and understanding of the risks yourself and with your child.

GPS tracking with Family Insights is all part of creating this openness between you and your child. It’s not about ‘catching them out’ for doing something wrong, it’s about making sure they’re safe and that they understand what it means to be safe.

Overall, how greatly this feature impacts your family is up to you, for it can be enabled or disabled at any time from a parent’s device. It’s also best to keep in mind parental controls work best when supplemented with active parental involvement — because balance is key.

Here Are Some Tips To Achieving Openness In Your Home

  • Talk to your child about the risks associated with responding to messages or calls from strangers.

  • Be understanding and reassuring to your child by making it known that you are always there to support them — no matter the circumstance.

  • Tell your child they can come to you at any time without feeling judged; especially if they are contacted by a stranger or asked to share personal information or images of themselves.

  • Don’t be afraid to seek professional support or report to government agencies if necessary.

For More Information Visit:

Kids Helpline: Support

Australian Federal Police: Report Online Child Protection Form

Bravehearts-Counselling and Support: Support is at Hand

Queensland Police Services: Who’s chatting to your child?

Raising Children Network: Team privacy and parent trust

If you believe your or any child is in immediate danger phone 000

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