Red Dead Redemption II — What’s The Verdict?

“A gigantic, gun-toting open-world romp through the Wild West that will pit [players] against rival gangs, authority figures and the elements of a brutal world” –  Tech Radar

As a parent, hearing what you should and should not allow your kids to watch or play can become tiresome to the ears – hence this post is not going to do that.

Instead, it’s going to present you with the facts and a few strategies to make decision making a little easier.

What Is Red Dead Redemption II About?

Well, played in single and multiplayer mode — in either first or third-person perspective — this game follows the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and how he interacts with non-playable characters (NPCs) in an open world environment.

The developers of the game, Rockstar Games, explain the game to be set in America during 1899 — when the Wild West era has begun.

It starts post a robbery attempt made by Arthur Morgan and his gang, but because the robbery goes badly they are forced to flee.

Now, with federal agents and bounty hunters on their heels, the gang robs, steals and fights across America to survive.

What Does Red Dead Redemption II Mean For Your Child?

Essentially, the game is recommended for mature audiences (M 17+), as it does involve blood and gore, intense violence, nudity, sexual content, strong language and the use of drugs and alcohol.

However, since reviews have been released suggesting that the game should actually be recommended for mature adult audiences (MA 18+), there have been some interesting responses.

On a review by Common Sense Media, many parents are shown to say that despite the themes and content of the game, children as young as 12 years are capable of playing it.

The reasoning behind these comments seems to stem from the fact that most of the harmful content being exhibited in the game is actually through course language.

Although having said that, according to a few other comments in the thread, this game contains “a lot of cussing and sexual talk” as well as “a lot of violence” and should not be played by any child under 15 years.

What Does Red Dead Redemption II Mean for Parents?

Like the harmful content on the Internet, Red Dead Redemption II is simply a game parents should be aware of and prepared to make an educated decision on; especially when and if their child asks to play it.

So, if you’re a parent trying to decide on a game, maybe try:

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